Why Choose Casement Windows?

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October 7, 2018
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Why Choose Casement Windows?

Casement windows have a long history in the UK, stretching back to the 18th century when the use of stone mullioned windows began to die out. Essentially, a casement window’s panes are attached to the frame vertically. This allows you to open them sideways and, in modern design, they open outward. They have a deceptively simple appearance that is suited to any type of property, so we recommend them whether you’re installing windows into a new-build or refurbishing an older property. Still wondering whether they’re for you? Here are five reasons to consider casements:

1. They’re Easy to Open

In comparison to sash windows, casements are easier to open when coupled with hand cranks. They’re easy to grip and it makes windows in hard-to-reach places such as above the kitchen sink easier to open and close. This is advantageous in any situation, especially for older people who may have lost some mobility and flexibility.

2. They’re Safe

Another benefit linked to the easy-opening facility is that they offer a means of escape in case of an emergency. Every property should have a designated escape route in case of fire, and the use of a casement window can speed up how quickly someone is able to exit the property.

3. They’re Secure

If you were starting to think that casement windows are too easy to access and that they may pose a security threat to your home, that’s not the case. Casement windows have come a long way since they were made with timber in the Victorian era, and they are as secure as windows can be. Locks within casement windows are secured to the window frame and are not simply attached to the exterior. This enhances security and, when coupled with the fact that you control how wide you open a window, it reduces the security risk for your home.

4. They’re Easy to Maintain

Let’s face it – we all love the picturesque window frames that you see in period houses, but you can’t help but think they’re a pain to keep clean and maintain. Casement windows themselves used to be difficult to maintain thanks to the fact they were made from numerous panes of glass as that was all glass-making technology was capable of back then. New expertise equals a new way of doing things, and the large panes of glass found in today’s casement windows are straightforward to clean and maintain.

5. They’re Good Ventilators

As already mentioned, casement windows open sideways and therefore usually allow more air into a room than sash windows where the frame may only be lifted a short way and offers limited airflow. It might not bother you too much in winter but if your rooms are susceptible to excessive summer heat, you might be glad of the extra breeze.


Casement windows are a great alternative to sash windows and the benefits are comparable. It might come down to personal preference and what you think suits your property most. Just remember that there’s no substitute for professional installation, whatever window style you ultimately choose.
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