Staying Safe And Secure: Why Solid Composite Doors Are So Essential

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February 9, 2019

Staying Safe And Secure: Why Solid Composite Doors Are So Essential

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Deciding between having security or a beautiful property is a compromise that no homeowner should have to make. If home-safety is a concern, composite doors can be a fantastic way to enjoy quality aesthetics and still have a powerful barrier to entry for burglars.
But what kind of intrusions can you expect and how can composite doors prove so useful for modern homes?

What types of intrusions do homes have?

Most burglaries are not opportunistic in nature. Any criminal will spend time finding the right area or property to rob from and weight up the level of risk with the level of reward.
More often than not, this means looking for homes that are secluded or ‘lone houses’ such as those at the mouth of streets and terraces. They will also look for open windows and often target smaller, easy to sell or remove items; maximising their profit and what they can steal in one intrusion to your home.
A burglar will ideally aim to accomplish a job with-

High speed: An intruder will want to spend as little time in your property as possible as this increases their likelihood of getting caught. Being able to enter and exit quickly is key and anything which prevents that is a massive deterrent.

Minimal effort: Burglars operate with high efficiency and will aim to circumnavigate obstacles whenever they can. The more effort required, the more likely they are to move on to an easier target..

Maximum comfort: Many criminals have a practiced, familiar routine and do not like to break it. With burglars, this involves entering a house through your front door, back door, and garage. Installing barriers that force them to break this pattern can quickly dissuade them from ‘trying something new’ and encountering unfamiliar variables.

Why are composite doors so useful

As their name suggests, composite doors are made from a number of different materials, combining the strengths of each and removing the weaknesses of their individual parts.
Composite doors are commonly fashioned from timber around a metal frame that is banded by a plastic seal. This keeps them lightweight, energy efficient when it comes to your home heating, and – most perhaps most importantly – highly durable. A solid wooden core is highly effective at absorbing physical force and hard-metal frame is highly tamper proof; preventing intrusion from a wide-range of home-made and professional devices.
While many other doors may appear bulky and severe, composite pieces allow for a wide range of styles and colours – letting you match your home’s aesthetic and avoid choosing functionality over looks. Or, if additional security is required, your installation can easily be accompanied by additional window and door security such as a Halo locks or Lockmaster brand cylinder guards at little extra cost.

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