Your Security Matters – Security Features on Our Windows and Doors

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August 30, 2018
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November 2, 2018

Your Security Matters – Security Features on Our Windows and Doors

While windows and doors offer you a route into your safe haven, it’s unfortunately undeniable that they sometimes allow unwanted guests a route in too. New installations, whether it’s a new set of windows or new doors, must come with reinforced security as standard. Before you commit to any contract, check that the security features are up to scratch. For reference, here are the features we employ at Taylors and why we favour them.

Window Security

On windows, there are some significant areas of vulnerability that can allow entry to burglars in some window systems. For example, the way you open and close a window can be a tremendous weakness sometimes. Any hinges that are exposed could be used to leverage into the property or horizonal sliding joints might be vulnerable to manipulation. Older windows often had non-lockable hardware, an obvious security risk. Modern windows in domestic properties should contain lockable hardware as standard to improve the security of the window system. Equally, durable materials must be used throughout the window frame to ensure long-lasting protection. Taylors favour multi-point central locking shoot-bolts on all our windows. These ensure that there is no vulnerability in the locking system. Similarly, all our handles incorporate auto-locking mechanisms to ensure that no window is left unlocked by accident. Hinges and corner mechanisms are strong and durable, ensuring the integrity of the whole window unit.

Door Security

Doors sometimes aren’t as impenetrable as they look. Without effective locks and cylinder guards, some doors are just waiting to be forced open by unscrupulous thieves. Along with this, the door itself must be made from quality materials or it’s liable to wear away over time and offer a route into your home. Lock snapping has proved to be a major security concern in recent years. Also known as “cylinder snapping”, it’s a way of snapping the cylinder of a Euro lock and then manipulating the unit to open. As this has become a common way of thieves trying to gain entry, techniques have been developed to stop locks snapping. Staying one step ahead of the thieves is the key to success. At Taylors, we use Lockmaster, one of Britain’s finest locking systems. We favour 8-point lock strips, fitting them to all our residential and French door installations. As well as this, we combat lock snapping by installing cylinder guards as standard on all our cylinder lock installations. This make the locks virtually impossible to snap and further secure the main entry route into your home.

Unsure? Just Ask

When it comes to your home’s security, no question should be too small for your installation company. The team at Taylors understand that any questions you have are based on your desire to keep your home safe, so we’ll answer every one of them clearly and plainly. Feeling safe in your home is your right, as we’re here to help you achieve that.
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